Our Commitment

We bring passion, enthusiasm and integrity to every search we conduct.

If we do not believe we can be successful in a search assignment we will tell you – and we will tell you why.

Our role is not only to help you identify top talent but also to provide you with the information required to land that talent.

We have 100% confidence that given a complete and detailed description of what you are looking for, we will provide you with people who possess the skills required for success.

Unlike most executive search firms and recruitment agencies, The Hart Group understands that each recruitment engagement is unique and has the depth and breadth to tailor a solution to each of our clients specific talent needs. 

Whether retaining us for an aggressive, high-level search’ tapping into our extensive, specialized candidate database on a contingent basis; or having us manage your recruitment needs through a scalable and flexible recruitment solution, our clients are assured that we will work tirelessly to the most qualified, best fit candidates for each and every position we fill.